Udo Udoma & Belo- Osagie

My Role

Ux | Ui Design & Prototyping


Udo Udoma & Belo- Osagie is a full service corporate and commercial law firm with offices in Nigeria’s key commercial centres and an affiliate in Ghana. Their goal is to remain a preferred firm for facilitating corporate and commercial transactions and resolving disputes of every description in the rapidly changing world of Nigerian and African business and finance across our specialisations and practice areas.


I worked to Empathise, Ideate and Visualise, and Prototype The Redesign of Udo Udoma & Belo- Osagie website.

Problem Statement

Clients want to access relevant legal information without being burdened with having to sieve through unnecessary legal terms.

Goal of The Project

To Simplify The Current Website of Udo Udoma & Belo- Osagie and increase the usability of the website to help the business Grow and and hit its targets in terms of Financial goals and ultimately lead to to a Socio- economic growth in Nigeria.

Stakeholder Interview

Dan gave great insights as to the scope of work their organisation does as well as their business needs and clients expectations.

  • The interview made it clear that their target audience is clients seeking legal advice. However, they are also very invested in other corporate and commercial alliances.
  • Interviews, affinity maps and usability test were chosen to determine the most prominent issues and pain points users have in this space.
  • The main business challenge was creating an interface that would be welcoming and easy to use for people seeking legal assistance across different legal proficiencies while also attracting corporate alliances who are interested in the services they have to offer and contribute to the organisation.
  • With the knowledge of the business and customer base, it was time to gather insights and test whether these features are necessary to the users.

Competitor Analysis

A total of 3 competitors were analysed. it is essential to look at what other organisations were doing in this similar space to evaluate strengths and weaknesses

  • The competitors consisted of law firms within the same area of specialisation.
  • The biggest competitor had many notable features, including a clean and responsive UI. However, there were some repetitive content as well as inconsistency with text and icons.
  • Reducing the number of clicks and web pages that users have to go through to find essential information became a goal for this redesign.

Gathering User Data

  • The insights gotten during the interviews showed that users preferred to interacts with websites that are easy to understand and use. 
  • Terms in relations to value, usability adaptability and desirability were consistent across the interviewees.

Initial Card Sorting

After the card sorting session with the user, some adjustments were made to the current user interface

  • The user was confused on what some menus indicated
  • The content strategy was also not effective and only confused the user.
  • After the initial card sorting exercise, my team mate conducted further research and iterations and was able to  generate new menu names that were clear and concise. 

Affinity Diagram

Heuristic Evaluation of Landing Page

To get a better idea of what to focus on, a heuristic evaluation was done on the current website to compare to its competitors

  • The current website was evaluated using Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics for User Interface design.
  • Significant usability and design errors were identified such as cluttered navigation, difficult to see call to action buttons, inconsistency between pages, important information repeated and lack of consistency across the website.
  • To tackle these errors, a focus on information architecture and visual design was used to simplify major parts of the interface


Using the data collected, the persona was created to help empathise with a target user. It is a representation based on the pain points and needs discovered in the research.

  • The persona helps to put into perspective the type of person who may be using the site
  • In this case, Hannah is a person who is very busy with work leaving her little time to waste. A clear and easy to use UI is essential for her when accessing legal information when necessary
  • By creating a simple layout, this redesign can help Hannah fulfil her needs without adding too much stress; It would also allow her to be more efficient at work 


Before I started working on the actual designs i had to Make Sketches on paper to have a proof of concept

Mid-High-Fi Wireframes

Before I started working on the actual designs i had to Make Sketches on paper to have a proof of concept


The Hero image area; The main point of a user coming on to the site is to book an appointment with the law firm so since the human attention span has dropped from 12 second in 2000 to 8 seconds now (Microsoft). with that in mind  every was placed to catch the users attention and also to make it easier for the user to follow throw the key path scenario of the website, so what ever page user is on , the user can answer the call to action “GET A LAWYER“.

UI Design


For the typography i used a san-serif typeface because in as much as it is a co-operate website it shouldn’t be that serious looking but it must be elegant and classy.

Montserrat Bold was used only for heading elements and Navigation.

Montserrat Regular was used for the body text.


There was a good use of negative space and high contrasting colours and a lot of white space.

The colour of compromise. Grey is considered to be an unemotional, detached colour seeking to avoid attention. It conveys gloom and depression. Very conservative, grey has a stabilising effect as it is very neutral, but can also conjure up feelings of frustration. Grey is linked with maturity and protection, being reliable and practical. Grey would not be considered a glamorous colour, yet is still elegant.

The colour of trust. Blue, the shade of the sea and the sky, is thought to induce calm and convey tranquillity, serenity and peace. The popular colour instils confidence and inspires feelings of trust, loyalty, integrity and responsibility. Cool blue is conservative and can also be perceived as aloof. Blue tends to suppress the appetite ,there are not many foods associated with blue in nature.


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