Adams goes too jail after surviving a brutal attack that killed his wife and daughters. When the system shields the murderers from justice, Adams sets out to transform himself from citizen/ ex-convict to a killing machine. Channeling frustration into motivation, Adams spends years in prison — honing his mind, body and spirit to become an unstoppable force. Eluding the underworld, the police and the FBI, Adams embarks on a deadly quest to deliver his own personal brand of punishment and on-cover the truth.


Design a film poster to fit the above plot

Project Assets



Process and Thinking

First step of the design after researching was to take the picture of the main character, then I carefully used a combination of the pen tool and also tool amongst others to take out the background of the main characters portrait aster that I used camera raw filter to work on the image so it was clear and texturised with a lot of contrast. Then I worked on cleaning up the image with the spot healing tool and other brushes then I den importer a picture of some stair rails I took and I removed the backgrounds and then worked on the image to blend it with camera raw filters and some brushes, when this was done I created a mask over the layer of the main characters portrait and used the gradient tool on the layer mask to blend the edges of the image with the black background fill, then using the marque tool I split the image in two and used the levels on photoshop to adjust the hue and. Saturation to get the blue colour on the right half of the face and did the same for the left side and made the red sharper after that I imported the image of the road and created a clipping mask on the image of character and blended thee images together with blending options and opacity. When the composite image was almost ready I went on exploring different typography layouts and contrasts till I ended up with the final one which was picked.

Final Poster

Grid and Layering