The goal of this poster is to have an African look by using African  patterns and create a retro and vintage style to convey the right mood (melodic, whimsy, almost-spiritual groove) of the music and poster. 


My chosen genre is Alté; it’s a new Nigerian genre that is a fusion of Afrobeats with hip-hop and RnB. Alté Means ‘alternative’, which embraces a retro and vintage style, but is tagged as “new school”. Alté music on the other hand is not mainstream, it is a melodic, whimsy, almost-spiritual groove. 



purple is associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. 


White is associated with, innocence, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, and perfection.


Black is associated with power, mystery, strength, authority ,elegance, authority, and sophistication. 


For this poster I used San-serif typefaces because it is usually used to convey simplicity and modernity or minimalism. My chosen font pairing is Bebas Neue for main Elements and Poppins for body text and I used different font weights to simulate hierarchy.


I drew inspiration surfing the internet. I went on,, to look for various posters and get inspiration before designing.




fig 2.0

fig 2.1

To achieve one of the primary goals of this design I used a dusty rough texture (fig2.1) to give the poster a vintage feel. I used photoshop’s blending options to manipulate the texture to be more grainy, In fig2.0 the pattern to the left was the original i adjusted the color to the color on the left using hue and saturation adjustment  options on photoshop.

fig 2.2

Using the principle of contrast i created the phrase “What have We Done” as learnt in class I used the concept of contrast in size of the text elements as well as a contrast in color between purple and white to draw more attention to the type as seen in fig 2.2


Still using Contrast the “Album Tour” was placed with a contrast in orientation to other typographical elements and with the help of the grids I created, it was properly aligned to balance with the big “E” to bring the design together. Other elements were placed to give a sense of visual hierarchy, properly guiding the viewer’s eyes to see elements in order of their importance. Phrase “Get Layd With” is the critiques quote and with one of the gestalts principles which is grouping was grouped together with the artists name “Omah Lay” .

The songs being performed were written in the small chosen body typeface  to give it contrast from the heading “Performing Live” which also gives visual hierarchy and these two elements were also grouped using gestalt principles.

fig 2.4

fig 2.5

I placed the location of the concert at the bottom as seen in fig 2.4 and in fig 2.5 i used an ellipse which i blended with an african pattern and a vintage texture to draw attention to the location of the concert so the bright color will draw the viewer’s attention to see the location which is one of the most important elements in the poster. Using gestalts principle of repetition i used the same pattern and vintage texture in the “E” of the phrase “What Have We Done” so the two elements are linked visually as seen in fig 2.6

 fig 2.6

fig 2.7

The ticket and date were finally placed at the bottom corners of the poster as seen in fig 2.7 ,there was a contrast in the font weights in the ticket price.



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