Maids 24


Maids 24

My Role

UX | Ui Design & Prototyping & Logo Design




Maids 24 is a mobile app to find maids/cleaners that are currently in the area


I worked to Empathise, Ideate and Visualise, and Prototype the Maids 24 app.

Problem Statement

My client came to me that he  wants a solution to not being able to find maids and house helps on the go. 

Goal of The Project

To Empathise, Ideate and visualise a solution for the problem statement above


For the typography i used a san-serif typeface  because of the clean, crisp lines of sans serif fonts,  The clean lines and sharp edges are able to render out more clearly on a screen which increases legibility for users, and the target audience of the product are the younger Demography.


There was a good use of negative space and high contrasting colours and a lot of white space.

App Icons


First Impressions really Matter.

A Swipe-through tutorial lets users explore the apps key functions

Sms Verification

A Simple sms verification system to auth users.


Sign Up and Sign In screen have a toggle for user or maid, So the both user groups can use one app and reduce development cost and time

Forgot Password

Passord reset screens 


Here Users can view their profiles which consist of different blocks of information about the user, Location information, and saved payment methods.

Request a Service

A user selects the service in which they want.

Service Screens

The user choses the type of cleaning, and this was done with a toggle to make transitioning easier and more clearly.Then the user gives the specifications of the job and then put in their Location and sett an appointment time.


The user gets a summary of the pending oder and then can select their desired payment method.

Feedback Screens

Feedback is one of the most important things , it lets the user know that they have completed a task.

Maids Section Screens