I was to design a poster for a musical concert without the use of images and to convey the design with just typography


The goal of the poster was to have a native African look and also a very hip and contemporary style and to convey the mood of the music and also a very calming aesthetic.


Step 1

I created my canvas 1600 X 2393 Px and then imported an African patterned texture image to use as the background.

Step 2

After Importing the background image I desaturated the image to give it a greyscale look so that it creates better contrast for the next step.

Step 3

I created a rectangle with a yellow fill to cover the canvas

Step 4

I reduced the opacity of the Yellow rectangle so that the background pattern is visible and also to serve as an overlay skas to create a contrast between.The background and the text. Then I added in a rough texture kind of like a concrete wall.

Step 5

I added in the main title text of the event which is also the genre of music to be played and then I added the artists that will present In the show, I used two typefaces here Doctorglitch for the “ALTE CRUISE” text and Bebaskai for the artists then the arrangement came in I used the theory of contrast to arrange and align the various text objects, I used a contrast in size and orientation to create the main feel and message of the poster.

Step 6

I then created a black shape to mimic a spray can on a wall using a brush with a rough texture to create a pattern with some anarchy and then I put the tickets and the time of the event with white and background colour to create an element using the concept of negative space.

Step 7

Using the concept of negative space I created a rectangle filled with black and then I typed the text”PLAYLIST” in a yellow san-serif font bebaskai to create a contrast in colour. While using the theory of hierarchy I used a smaller san-serif font with a thin font weight called Gilroy light to list out the songs that will be performed by the various artists at the show.

Step 8

I used the concept of contrast and negative space to show the date of the event I created a contrast in size and orientation for aesthetics, using a bold san-serif font for emphasis on the date. Under that I used the concept of hierarchy to write out the venue of the event in a smaller but also bold san-serif font Bebaskai. the use of icons reduce the amount of text on the designs I used two basic shapes in photoshop to create the location icon the tear drop shape under the custom shapes tool and the ellipse tool and the concept of negative space to create the icon.

Step 9

After feedback I decided to create a united design by using the concept of hierarchy effectively by moving various elements in other to rearrange the poster. After that I reduced the opacity of the yellow textured background for aesthetics.

Step 10 11 12

I decided to change the colours of the poster to change the mood and create a minimalist look and feel so I played around with colours to see a different variation and also with the main text “ALTE CRUISE” I created a 3D glitch effect by playing with the RGB ratio and creating a duplicate to give that feeling of a cruise and also relax your eyes when you look at if and of course for aesthetics.

Step 13

At this point the design was nearly completed and I refined some parts of the design. I reduced the opacity of the background rectangle so that the texture pattern from step 2 was more visible but not so much that it became distracting, I added in the critic quote with a script typeface called “reey”

Grid and Layering


I Did some research on various Typefaces with to see what font would be appropriate for the poster and a research on colours as seen below.

Bonus(Playlist Art Work)